Last Party on the Moon


11×14″ one of a kind Risograph print with two unique 5×5″ mystery doodles.



Drifting high above the clouds of Jupiter, the surface of the moon Io becomes a hellscape after scientists in the research outpost unleashed god knows what. Will the animals escape? Will Santa ever be able to deliver presents to all the good girls and boys again? Will that funky dino ever realize that socks don’t go with sandals? None of these questions will be answered.

Each of these 11×14″ prints is a one of a kind Risograph printing with its own unique details and characteristics from the printing process, expertly crafted by my friends at Skewed Press.

Every copy comes autographed with two unique 5×5″ mystery doodles, drawn just for you!

Additional information

Dimensions14.25 × 11.5 cm



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