OSU Instagram Filters

While employed at the OSU Library I successfully created and launched two OSU themed Instagram and Facebook filters. Unfortunately, due to updates to the platforms, the filters are no longer active and require relaunching.

The first filter was made as a surprise for OSU’s office of brand management: a Pistol Pete filter that gave the user and up to four other people in the shot a Pistol Pete mustache and hat using models I created myself.

Unfortunately, as I don’t have access to top level OSU social accounts and the COVID-19 pandemic broke out right after its launch, I do not have performance analytics for the Pistol Pete filter.

The second filter had a more specific purpose and agenda. Just before everyone went into quarantine, we rolled out a March Madness bracket style campaign where students were able to make a bracket ranking the seating options in the library.

Each day students would vote for their favorites among over 20 seating options in one-on-one polling matchups. Students would then update their brackets with the day’s winners and could see how they compared to other students’ predictions.

I created a “which _____ are you” style filter, riding the fad of the time. This filter used illustrations and assets created by graphic design intern Kaity Warren and multimedia producer Nina Thornton to let students see for themselves which seat they’re most like. The library building model was my creation.

Despite the quarantine being announced the same day we were set to hold the final vote and announce the winner, students enjoyed the brackets and the filter made over 11 thousand impressions, was opened over 3.5 thousand times, and saw over 1.7 thousand captures with the vast majority of all metrics coming from Instagram.

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