The Presidents of Oklahoma State University Exhibit

The Presidents of Oklahoma State University was the final exhibit I designed as an employee of the Oklahoma State University Libraries. With the historic tenure of president Burns Hargis coming to an end and Dr. Kayse Shrum taking up the mantle, we wanted to create an exhibit that honored the history of the university’s leadership while expressing optimism for he future.

With this being a wholly graphic exhibit mounted to a flat surface, I wanted to give the material more dimension to create a more attractive display. I accomplished this by placing all of the photographs on their own boards and gluing them to the larger main boards. This was carried through even on the timelines at the bottom of each section.

I also handled writing each of the president’s bios. Each of them is designed to highlight the priorities of each of their administrations, the major advancements and developments that occurred, and the overall impact and impression they left on the campus.

In addition to the in-person experience, I also created a digital version of the exhibit. The “desktop” experience is an interactive PDF that can be embedded and expanded to full screen, and features all of the content of the in-person experience along with expandable images, animated elements, and screen reader capabilities for accessibility. It’s accompanied by a mobile friendly PDF.

A massive amount of technical difficulties had to be overcome at the last minute in order to meet the project deadline. It would not have been possible to have done so without the help of all of the incredible people I had the privilege of working with while at the OSU Library.

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