Stayin’ in Stilly
(Motion Graphic)

To promote how Library resources could be used to have fun while staying in Stillwater in a semester where, thanks to the coronavirus, there was no Spring Break, we launched a campaign at the OSU Library in spring 2021 known as Stayin’ in Stilly.

The campaign saw our team of interns staging and posing in photos using Library resources in humorous ways to simulate a vacation experience. Most of these photos featured animations overlaid on top created by our graphic design intern at the time, Kaity Warren.

Unfortunately, this campaign was developed and prepared for launch at a time that I was occupied with a very heavy family loss. My main contribution to the campaign, which I managed to put together just in time before roll-out, was a motion graphic that served as the campaign logo and identity.

I was aiming to capture the loose, fun, and free vibes of summer themed designs from the late 80s and early 90s, particularly those that could be seen on shirts from festivals, concerts, and other summer related outings at the time.

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