Tech Tuesday @ 2 was a monthly event series produced by the OSU Library that I chaired for 3 of the years that I was employed there. The event gave monthly workshops on the hardware and software that was available to them through the Library.

While our graphic design intern designed most flyers and marketing materials for Library sponsored events, I wanted to do something special and exciting in my own style for one of the years of programming.

For the fall 2019 semester of programming, I took heavy inspiration from early-mid 80s tech magazine covers with publications such as Byte and Omni.

I leaned heavily into the archaic wireframe style with a healthy dose of Vaporwave inspired visuals and subjects. Each month’s event got its own unique animated advertisement, and the semester as a whole got a special ad displaying all of the dates for the fall.

The first one made, “Planes, Drones & Simulators,” looks slightly out of place next to the others in the series as it was made in a rush and I hadn’t thought the full series aesthetic through yet.

The advertisements would play throughout the day on all of the Library’s internal digital signage, and were regularly shared through the Library’s social media channels in the days leading up to each event.

Moving into spring 2020, I decided to progress the style from the 80s inspired wireframes to an early 90s CGI inspired look. Continuing with the vintage tech magazine aesthetic, the spring 2020 series featured brighter colors and more cartoony interpretations of the subject material made to capture the hard, plastic-like look prevalent in early 90s 3D animation and design. The color pallets are also meant to invoke a pastel representation of RGB color.

Of course, spring 2020 was when we were all thrown for a loop by the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to the chaos that ensued once the pandemic hit, an ad that merged all of the subjects into one scene like the previous semester’s was never completed.

I was especially proud of the amount of custom made models and rigs I was able to include. The video tripods are my favorite.

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