END Instagram Filter

To coincide with the release of the short film my colleagues Ricardo Sanchez and Tye Mauch created together, END, and promote the art show it would debut at, I created an Instagram filter. The filter is based on Ricardo’s illustrations and the central moniker of the short.

I wanted the TV to have the feeling of a holographic sticker with texture and colorful reflections to give it a stronger sense of tangibility. To complete the look, tie it in closer to the short’s subject matter, and introduce a sense of mystery, I shrouded the user’s head in dark clouds.

The filter can work on up to two people at a time, giving one person an “end” screen from the short and the other a broken screen with glitched out effects. The filter is currently down due to platform updates and in need of relaunching.

So far over its lifetime, the filter has gained over 3.4 thousand impressions and 242 captures.

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