HORNSBY Instagram Filter

In an effort to begin marketing my services when striking out to freelance, I had the idea to try to make something crazy that would be hard for a potential client or general audiences to ignore. I’d developed a knack for making augmented reality Instagram filters, and set my sights on making one that could become highly visible and get people talking. I created this filter based on the Tulsa Drillers’ mascot Hornsby, and it may finally get to make its debut in 2023. My goal was to craft a polished experience similar to that of the Memoji feature found on Apple’s iPhones. I created the model and textures myself and rigged it in Blender before putting it all together in Meta’s Spark AR program. To make it an attractive deal for the Drillers, I added the sunglasses feature, which provides the perfect spot for the logo of a corporate sponsor. A more detailed breakdown of this production will be made available after launch.

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