Hotdog is the result of one of those weird ideas you get during a meeting. You know the kind. You sit forever, wondering when you’ll finally get to have lunch, wondering why your colleagues can’t realize this could have all been summed up in a short email, wondering whether or not the interstellar hotdog beast’s endless regurgitation of beefy franks will ever result in one of said franks landing perfectly in the bun.

The hotdog beast was created with clay and animated using stop-motion, while the hotdogs and buns are 3D assets using physics simulations. Originally the creature was supposed to be eating the hotdogs. An endless supply would rain down on his face and the clay animation would be mapped to a 3D model for realistic bounces and shadows.

However, I had already made an animation with a similar concept just a few months prior, and I couldn’t get the model for the creature to work as desired, so the hotdogs just had to move in reverse. Instead, two invisible planes move in sync with the beast’s mouth to influence the hotdogs trajectory as they hurl themselves into the wild unknown.

I also made the music.

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