Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat is a bit of an experiment gone awry. I was teaching myself Cinema 4D and wanted a project to test my new found rigging abilities. The idea for a multi-armed, toy like clown stalking through a dime hallway came to mind during a daydream. Not wanting to look derivative with the worn out creepy clown gimmick, the subject’s head was logically changed to that of a cat.

Creating the effect took a lot of trouble shooting. It was my first time rigging my own models, and I was never able to clone the physics based motion of the arms in the front with the long tendrils in the background. I compromised with stiff arms in the back that look as though they’re spiraling.

The kaleidoscope effect was created in After Effects and was also used to create an animated light source for the cat. I made the music myself in FL Studio. I always wanted to make a song that used cat sounds as instruments.

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