Tulsa Hills is an animated music video I created for Tulsa musician Charlie Redd. The video is a love letter to all of Tulsa, both the people and the places that make it special. Featuring over 130 icons from around Tulsa past and present, we set out to create a video that looked like a painting in motion. Charlie had been inspired while watching an animated segment on Sesame Street with his toddler, and asked me to create something that children and Tulsans of all ages could enjoy. I handled all levels of the production, including crafting the narrative concept, creating storyboards and animatics, creating all assets and animations, shooting the majority of the live action material, outsourcing the rest, then compositing, color grading, editing, and overall directing the cartoon. The video has yet to be officially released, but we are eyeing a January 7 premiere. A more detailed breakdown of the production is also soon to come.

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