Voicemail is a short music video I had made for an upstart EDM musician going by Culkiin in the United Kingdom several years ago. I created several projects for Culkiin in preparation for him to release his music to the public, but he only ever released one song and many of the projects went unseen or were reworked to be my own.

Voicemail was the most ambitious of these projects and the one I’m most proud of. Culkiin sent footage of himself in front of a white screen, which proved challenging to properly mask with the shadows and white areas on his person. The animation was created using a combination of Adobe Animate, Cinema 4D, and After Effects.

Shown is the Instagram version, set to fit within the time restrictions of the era. An extended version that fit the whole song was created for platforms that would support it, but it’s mostly a loop of the Instagram version with different backgrounds.

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